About Amani


Hi, Hello.

Bachelor's in Public Health and a Minor in Political Science, Amani is a young digital storyteller and creative butterfly with a passion for sharing the narratives of women of color. With her self-taught creative writing skills, Amani infuses poetry and a sense of togetherness through many of her published articles. 

amanirakeia.com was developed in efforts to help women of color unravel the depths of self and embrace vulnerability. Her blog is intended to be a safe space for women of color to recognize their innate strength and power, but also acknowledging the importance of being delicate and gentle with herself. 

She is a lover of yoga, poetry, astrology and taking endless trips to New York City.

Career wise, Amani is looking to relocate to New York City to pursue her career in Journalism.

Please feel free to reach out with any employment opportunities or general inquiries. 

Wishing you well.

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