Tuesday Reads: Numerology + Less Love.

Hey, hey Happy Tuesday!


Again, first & foremost I hope today you're keeping your peace & energy at the forefront of everything you do. 

This Blog is a little different as I will be sharing other blogs & articles that have literally got my life together today.




"Don't Accept Less Love: Emotionally Moving on from Unavailable Partners." 

Ok, but first . . . WOW. The Universe has a funny way of unveiling certain messages to me at the right time. The title alone was intriguing but the gems that spoke loud & clear to me were mind-blowing. 


  • It's ok to have areas to grow in within your intimate relationships. 

  • We are what we attract — Be the partner you want to attract. 

  • Check yourself — Who are you & what kind of partner do you want? 

  • Important questions to ask yourself:

    •  Are there wounds from your past that need to be healed before letting someone get close to you?

    • Does your partner avoid talking about their feelings?   

    • Does your partner get back to you in a reasonable amount of time?


As I transition out of an emotional relationship with someone I realize that this is normal, this is ok and this is healthy. It's super awesome to be able to recognize when your needs are not being met or when you know you're not doing right by your partner. I now think of transitions as a phase to fine tune my ruffled edges & met the next best person in this new season and new version of myself. But, the key is to never rush the process & rather enjoy this time reflecting on what you like/didn't like & setting your standards for what's next. 

Refinery29 —



"The Numerology Rule That Can Reveal The Future Of Your Year"

For starters, numerology is something that's super new to me & I'm not too sure how it all works. But, if you read my blog on Meeting SZA & she expressed a little numerology to me about our birthdays, I was intrigued to read a little more into this article. 

So, it looks like 2018 is a Two Universal year (2+0+1+8 = 11) and (1+1 = 2) It seems as though the number 2 is connected to support, love & harmony. 

So what can you expect to experience this year?

In various different forms of course, we shall experience finding our strength and patience to collaborate with others. Again, this will look so different for many different people. So far, the Universe has been testing me to dig hella deep & find my inner strength to get through some of my toughest moments alone all the while of testing my patience to see how much I can take of someone's shit before I've reached my breaking point. 

Does any of this sound familiar for your life or current situation? Hm... 

Lastly, let's go back to the number 11, which is ultimately what adds up to 2018 when calculated. Apparently, the number 11 is a master number (which simply means that it has the same number repeating itself). This can be a sign that we may expereince challenges or obstacles that seem a lot harder than before and will demand a lot of us. So, if you've been feeling like this year may be a bit tougher to get through than previous . . . Here's a sign!

To wrap it up, I hope that you practice living slower & pay closer attention to the situations that are being presented in your life. The numerology signs may not be pointing in a positive direction, but I'm sure that through each of your obstacles & challenges you may experience you will learn so much more about who you are & you level up beyond what you ever imagined. 


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