Thriving in your 20s.


♡Tips + Advice for a Lady in her Twenties.♡

1. Date, date & date some more - Safely. 

I can only speak from experience, but so far dating in my twenties has allowed me to feel so emotionally & spiritually liberated. Being able to meet new people & discovering what I like and dislike is by far the best damn thing. In my teens, I always used to press for a boyfriend and felt incomplete or didn't have my "better half" without a man. Now? I'm learning that I am my better half & just my being alone makes my life complete. 

Ladies, go ahead - get those free meals, go on adventures and places you've never been & enjoy flirting. Enjoy crushing & enjoy every experience. (But, if you're going to have casual sex as well . . . Make sure to be safe!)

2. Channel your focus & start finding your passion. 

Everyone may make it seem like your twenties are for partying and all the fun & games . . . But I'm here to tell you otherwise. I am a firm believer in "Work hard, Play Later." Already I'm in my senior year of college & it's gone by just like that. I have a strong feeling that my Twenties will do just the same. Instead of going out to party every weekend, spend some time with your girls, start thinking about what's next for your future & begin perfecting your skills. The last thing you want to do is look back & regret all the time you've wasted because right now in our lives, time is limitless. Start creating opportunities for yourself & network! 


3. Hold your friends closer. 

Let them know that you love them & check in on them time to time. I'll be the first to admit that I have a tendency to let my work get in between my friendships & I go weeks without reaching out to them. A few ladies reminded me the importance of checking in on your friends because one, you never know what someone is going through & two, life flies by hella fast. So hold onto those you don't want to lose & make sure you act like it. Friendships work both ways & communication is key. 

4. Start saving big bucks. $


In your twenties, you never know what opportunities may come your way. You might land your dream job, which will force you to relocate. Or you may just grow out of your space with mom & dad and you're finally ready to adult & live life on your own terms. Save as much money as you can now so that you'll never have to stay stagnant or some place you've outgrown simply because money wouldn't allow you to. 

A tip for saving money, if feasible or possible for you - Start putting away $50-$100 from every paycheck you receive. Trust me, it'll add up. Also keep in mind, if you're putting money into your savings - make a promise to yourself to never take it out unless it's an emergency.

5. Fail & Fail Fast.

Obviously, we all make mistakes & we do/say things that weren't in our best interest but catch this - Make those mistakes & be ok with them. The faster you are at accepting your mistakes/failures, the quicker you are to learn valuable life lessons & get back on track to your success. Never be afraid of failure. I believe your twenties are made just for it. The faster your fail, the faster you reach your goals and the more life teaches you. 

6. Travel. 

And I'm not talking about taking vacays overseas, but someplace as close as 45 minutes - 2 hours away. I personally can't afford to catch flights & travel all over the world, but I use what I have. New York City is only 1 Hour and 45 Minutes away from me . . . So guess where I'm at? Traveling, experiencing new scenery, feeling fresh air, eating a new restaurants & making new friends. Traveling has become my new form of Wellness. It allows me to take a mini break from my content, school work and friends to just explore and find more inspiration. Do what you can. Do what works for you. 


7. Say less & Feel More.

My favorite tip. I've began to realize that the smartest people in the room are usually the ones who are a.) The quietest. Or b.) Ask questions. Never be afraid to do both. As I get older, I better understand what it means to be more observant & listen. By listening more, I've been able to learn more & better understand my emotions. Never feel like you're wrong for how you feel because honestly, feelings are never right or wrong. It's ok to be vulnerable & it's ok to be emotional. People have a tendency to look at you crazy because you choose to express your feelings, & I say Phuck em'. The more you express your feelings, the better you get to the root of who you are & your purpose in life. 

Cheers to surviving your 20 Somethings.♡

Love, your Blogger Sister.