Spilled Sangria Secrets.

For a Single Lady, creating her own world of love.

On being single for about three years now, one of my favorite ways to keep intimacy alive without a partner is with a sweet love letter. Within this post, you will read a love letter I've written to my future bae, wherever he is. Near or far, I love to make room for my imagination and allow the delicacy of my words to create a calm bliss for the Mister who may be destined find me. 

A little invasive you say? Of course not. My platform embodies transparency, vulnerability and getting honest with your life. So don't fret, I wrote this love letter as a piece of inspiration for anyone out there who may be having a tough time embracing their singleness and finding ways to keep the flames sparking. After all, you don't necessarily need a significant other to feel or find love —  You create love. You create love through your actions. 

So, what do you choose? Sit, and wait for love to come and find you? Or leave your heart out on the paper and get clear about the who, what, and why all about love? 


Dear —

I find solace in my madness thinking of you.

Wherever you are. 

I like to think that I know exactly who you are and what you're doing at this moment in time.

You're a Writer, somewhere in New York City or the South —  Atlanta preferably. 

Maybe it's the hue of your luscious skin that I crave on the nights I can't sleep. Or, the warm gaze from the moonlight that settles me, only because you're on my mind past midnight. 

To him, to you, wherever you are —  you should know that you often cross my mind. 

What I know about you thus far in this life time, is that you struggled for years to embrace your vulnerability and never knew how to keep a good one when you had her.

I want you to imagine the honey that glistens on my the surface of my lips, as it drips to coat your insecurities with thy warmth truth whispered in your ear on the first night. 

And like Ice, I toy with the blue blood beneath your veins as you shiver when you find me and notice me in your dreams.

To you, to him, wherever you are you should know too that I am afraid to love again. 

Petrified of another, "I thought I was ready but — ."

Wherever you are, I know that you are certain to find me and when you do, you'll see a reflection of all of who you used to be gazing back at you. 

You'll notice that when you meet her for the first time, you'll be reminded of the delicious words of poetry she whispered over Spilled Sangria Secrets,

On the same night she thinks of you under the moonlight, past midnight. 


To him, to you, wherever you are I can't wait for you to hold me, and finger with my courageousness and ask me every morning . . .

Who am I?

Who are you to dare to be filled with such light and lack self-loathing tendencies?

Who am I?

Who are you?

In the essence of your being,

You are — 

The rose that blossomed through the drought of lovelessness, and found serenity in the abyss of lust. 

To you, to him, wherever you are this is a letter for you. 

The same letter that I will read to you when you find me. 

The same delicious words of poetry you'll crave over Spilled Sangria Secrets on the first night we meet. 

Or maybe, we did —  but this was all a dream. 


I wrote this love letter in hopes that if you find yourself losing faith and the lonely hour creeps upon you, you create your own world of love. Write what you wish to come to fruition, and so it may be. 


Your Blogger Sister.