On Redefining + Acceptance.

For a lady inspired by the space between who she was and who she aspires to be


Hello June, and hello to you Friend.

I'm honestly in awe at how fast the months are sweeping by in 2018. If you're anything like me, then you might be asking yourself, "What have I done thus far?" To date, we are exactly halfway through the year as June marks the 6th month on our calendars. 

Now that I have graduated and we're embarking on a fresh new month, I think it's time we shed old habits, toss old ways of thinking and step into a new light. It's time we redefine our values, our goals, and set new intentions as we begin to finish this year out. 

Shedding Old Habits

〰️ Sticking around in toxic relationships while knowing your partner is not nourishing you emotionally? 

〰️ Reaching out to friends only when it's convenient for you and forgetting to check in on their well being? 

〰️ Quick to run a laundry list of things you dislike about yourself versus acknowledging your good and accomplishments?

〰️ Placing your opportunity and power to heal & move forward in the hands of someone else because you need closure? 

Let's redefine it all. 

I'd never be the girl to tell you "I told you so", but rather the one to encourage you to accept the toxicity and pain you've endured as a woman just wanting to be seen, heard and valued. I find that it's never easy to unveil the deep truths and flaws that I've kept hidden for so long. In order to begin redefining how we show up for ourselves as women, we must accept and knowledge that in the battle between our most vulnerable selves and who we aspire to be, we can often project a false sense of self. To redefine how we choose to show up in the world and who we decide to be this month, we must be willing to create a comfortable space for our own solitude. 



"We must embrace solitude as a space to reconnect and sow the seeds to bloom a better you.♡"


Through heartbreak, I always thought I could get over by getting under another — when truthfully, that only made me fall deeper into an abyss of nothingness. We shed our old habits by getting real about what personal changes we really want to see manifest in order to live our best lives. I find that through my solitude I have a clearer head space to call the shots in my life and what's best for me. But, before we can even get to that point, we must also redefine the way we view solitude. We must embrace solitude as a space to reconnect and sow the seeds to bloom a better you. 

Here's how you can get started in welcoming your solitude: 

  • Take one day out of the week/weekend and do absolutely nothing. (Sleep in, order takeout and binge watch a new Netflix series)

  • Set aside a time each day for when you will put work away and decline all emails and phone calls

  • Take yourself out on a date. Maybe head to the movies, get froyo, or splurge on a shopping trip by your lonesome.

  • Never forget to journal and keep track of all your time spent during your solitude (Take note of what you've noticed, do you feel lonely in your own company? Do you enjoy it?)

On Acceptance

In order to make the conscious effort to embrace solitude or shed old habits, we have to be willing to accept. 


"Compassion has allowed me to quit being so hard on myself and begin trusting that I can make the best decisions for myself emotionally and spiritually.♡" 



Acceptance is always the first and most difficult step to moving forward and healing ourselves. One way I've learned to begin accepting the pain I've endured and mistakes I've made is by practicing compassion for myself. The act of compassion is one of the sweetest gestures you can do for yourself. Compassion has allowed me to quit being so hard on myself and begin trusting that I can make the best decisions for myself emotionally and spiritually. When we accept and acknowledge the space we've created between our past and where we stand today, it becomes that much easier to shed old habits and create new intentions for the women we aspire to be. 

As we set afoot on creating new goals and intentions for this month, I encourage you to get real about releasing toxic people, energies and habits that prevent you from finding your true joy. Get ready to get comfy and create the space for your solitude and find better ways to show up for yourself. 

Cheers to intentional healing. 


Cheers to redefining and accepting the woman you used to be. 

What are your goals for the month of June? Talk to us in the comments below to keep us motivated this go around!


Your Blogger Sister.