New Year Life Updates.



I never thought that life could be so amazing even with all it's moments where I've hit rock bottom. In this new year, there has been something so vibrant and fresh about my energy and perspective on life. For the first time in a long time, I've become inspired by my own self and I want to share with you all where I am mentally and what's going on with ya girl. 

As for the first day in the New Year, I was able to spend it with my Best Friend - Amanda.♡ I went almost a year without seeing this girl and it was no surprise that God wanted me to bring the year in with her. We talked & shared stories until 3am and upon wakening, there was one thing I noticed. The Power of Support and Friendship.

I was beyond grateful to share such a powerful day with her & show that I support her through all of her endeavors as an upcoming Fashion Designer & Blogger - YES! Check my baby out!

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 3.18.46 PM.png



It was also no surprise that this was a sign that this year is truly for supporting and comforting my friends. Life is too short & we all go through shit. Check in on your friends, hang out with your friends, love on your friends and bring out the best in your friends.

Creating my own Opportunities. 

Just go Places.

I was gracefully given the opportunity to start very my first weekend of 2018 at The BrownGirlsLove Power Day in New York City and girl - it was life changing. At this event I was able to meet my favorite Blogger '@curlsandcouture' - Courtney Danielle ♡, along with hearing such inspirational and real life stories from some of the best Black Female influencers, doers and even mompreneuers.  

Here's a list of my favorite gyals that left me ready to snatch my baby hairs and go live my best life in following my dreams:

*Be sure to check out their Social Media, I'm sure you'll fall in love just as quickly as I did! & stay tuned for some lessons I've learned from this event.* 

Next, just last weekend I found myself again in New York City to attend my very first @blackbloggersunited NYC Power Hour.


I'm not exactly sure what God was trying to tell me, but I arrived at the event pretty much at the tail end after driving to the wrong address. BUT - the support, inspiration and warm vibes that I felt immediately were unmatched. To walk into a room full of Black Women all working to fulfill their dreams, sharing their stories and giving tips/advice to success, I never felt at any place safer when it came to being a content creator and sensitive about my shit. All I can say after leaving this Power Hour, is that I've found my Blog Tribe♡ & I wouldn't trade this experience for the world. 

Check out my Blogger Babes & Support ALL of them!


Traveling and spending more time in NYC has definitely been inspiring me to look within myself and figure out what light do I bring to this wild and beautiful city. With so much to do and so many new faces to see, I want to be certain that I walk in my purpose and waste no time in living my best life. 

With living your best life, also comes with taking a risk and ridding all of your self-doubt. So with that, I took a leap of faith and applied to become a Social Media Intern with @EveryStylishGirl. A fast-growing and super inspiring Brand based in NYC that focuses on sharing the spotlight and having a platform for upcoming and aspiring influencers all over the world.

To apply for this Internship means to me that I've trusted and believed in myself enough to know that I am worthy of all things even if they seem 'impossible' or unattainable. After submitting my application, by the grace of God I was granted a first round interview. After that, I was granted the second round interview, which took place this past Thursday, and so now it's a waiting game. All I will say is that, if I am granted this opportunity, I will work my ass off ten times harder with now having to add one thing more to my plate - but it's for the better. And if not, I will be just as thankful for having the opportunity to interview with the Founder and having the satisfaction that I know I trust myself enough to put myself in the best position possible to create opportunities for myself.

*I will keep you posted on the final decision! (Fingers crossed for ya girl).*

The Semester Has Begun. 


Oh boy, for the first time in a VERY long time, I've been feeling very optimistic about school. After my last semester being the worst and failing a class, I really wasn't sure how this semester was going to go for me. But after having all of these previous experiences and learning so much more about myself and life, I know I can make it through. 

After all, it is my LAST semester of Undergrad! Yes, ya girl is graduating in May 2018!🎉 I am truly in awe at how fast this year has come, but nonetheless I am Ret-Ta-Go because I have dreams I am ready to put Full-Time work in for OKAY! But, what I will say is that I am going to really enjoy this semester and soak it all in because in just 4 months, I will be out in the real world. It's Bittersweet. 

Sneak Peek!


This past week, I've been granted such a life-changing opportunity . . . But I won't share just yet! The only hint I'll give is that I will be flying out to Atlanta, Georgia next month! Eeeeeeek!

*Stay tuned on my Insta for the announcement :)* 

2018 is still looking great for me. It's truly a blessing. I wake up every morning with a plan and a purpose. Let's see how the rest unfolds. 

Thank you for catching up with me. 

Talk to you soon.