Memories Don't Die? ♡


Remember when we were in high school and we used to believe in love at first sight? Remember when we used to actually have crushes and swore to never let him know? Remember when we used to send love letters to each other in class? Remember when something so simple like sharing a piece of candy or holding our hand meant the most to us?

Do you remember your first real kiss? Or the first real hug that made you feel like the most popular girl in school? Even the memories and moments we wish we can erase like our first heartbreak or loosing someone you love for the first time?

I ask because as I grow older, I notice the lack of attention we give to the moments and memories that made us feel either so alive or left our heart aching.

In lieu of Tory Lanez latest project 'Memories Don't Die' songs like, 'Connection', 'Hypnotized' and '4 Meleft me reminiscing about these exact memories and how I'd pay to feel them all over again. 

It's crazy now that I'm 21 and I couldn't remember the last time I had butterflies or had a crush on someone. Or yet, met someone who expressed excitement for the little things like holding your hand in public, writing you a love letter or sending you flowers. I'd be the first to admit that I'm a sucker for romance and I just love, love. I'd also admit that I spent a good time not even rethinking these moments from my past, but I begin to wonder what aspects of my life would change if I kept those in mind as I go through my journey of life. 

'Connection' Ft. Fabolous, Davo and Paloma Ford 

"I want you to let it be known that I'm the only N*gga on that. I want you to let it be known.."

The first thing that came to mind (aside from the mention of sex lol) was when we were younger and we'd walk around telling everyone that they were our boyfriend or girlfriend. Careless, carefree and unapologetic. We may not have had any idea as to what we were doing or knew the depths of what a relationship entails, but at least we were able to live in a moment where we undoubtedly knew we were in love. The cool thing about these moments when we were younger was that no one could influence us or change our mind when we felt a feeling so strong. And again as I get older, it's crazy to realize how something as simple as an Instagram like or comment can change everything in the matter of seconds. 


"Let me be the one cause I know that you don't need no one - but I don't see no one but you."
"Can't keep my eyes off you ... Can't keep a secret, cause I'm hypnotized by you."

With it's uptempo and lively beat I automatically thought back to a time I had my first crush. I sit and laugh simply because I remembered how much time and effort I put into thinking about this person and how shy I'd get when I was around them or seen them in the hallway. I'd do silly things like run the other way, laugh at his jokes that were ridiculously corny, creep on his Myspace page whenever I got home from school to see if he'd be online, crazy goggly eyes for him or create the cheesiest nicknames for him. Yeah, almost as if I was star-struck (or Hypnotized per say). The good ole' days where it was okay to do these things, but it sucks now because we're either 'thirsty', 'clingy' or "Doing too much" when all we want to do is express our affection so innocently. 

'4 ME' 

"Wear my heart on the sleeve, would you do that for me? 
"Thinking how you only did for you, never thought bout' me."

I'd hate to replay any memories of heartbreak or the bad times, but truthfully they mean a lot. At least for me, my first heartbreak taught me a lot. It was the first experience that showed me that we can hurt on the inside too and not just a 'boo-boo' from scraping our knee when first learning how to ride a bike. My first heartbreak also taught me that boys actually suck and I'd actually cry over someone who wasn't apart of my family. 

Granted these lyrics may be a bit hard for a relationship in our middle school years, but it's the same concept. From the moments that I can remember including the experiences of my Bff's, most of these relationships ended because he gave someone else a hug before me or he sat at the lunch table with someone else. It's humorous I know, so you'd claim that he never thought about your feelings and only cared about him. Which, honestly might be the whole truth. 

There's something about the track . . . Maybe the uptempo beat as well but simultaneously telling a story of heart-break. This song put it all in perspective for me. The memories that left us feeling the most pain, we want to forget so badly, but we can't forget how much they taught us. And I'd hate to say it, but as much as you think you'd forgot about the experience, your subconscious will never let it go. This catchy tune makes this song such a vibe. it brings me back to a time I'd hate to remember, but also glad that I've experienced it to always know exactly how I never want to feel again. 

I'm a 90s baby & I'm only getting older. But I wanted to write this post to stop the time a little. Idk, everyone seems so stand-offish nowadays, but I'd bet we'd treat one another a little sweeter if we opened up and had the conversation about our childhood memories and I bet we'd all look at life now with a new lens. But that might just be me. 

Be sure to vibe out to Tory Lanez new Album 'Memories Don't Die' here :)


Love, Your Blogger Sister.