Solana Imani Rowe.


Sovereign. Zig-Zag. Allah.


Solana Imani Rowe.

To my favorite girl & my Twin Flame - I love you. 

You ever feel like you've met your soul mate or undoubtedly feel as though this person is your Twin? Well yeah, but maybe our conversation will give you a little more insight as to why I whole-heartedly believe this to be so. 

Me: *Heartbeats frantically as I approach her*

Me: 'Hiiiiiiiii." (At this point you'd think my eyes are closed and you see nothing but my gums)

SZA: "Hi beautiful." (She hugs me.)

Me: "Omg, look! (Shows her my 'Ctrl.' tattoo) We're Twinsies :)"

SZA: "Twins love!"

SZA: "What's your name?"

Me: "Amani."

SZA: "Omg, that's crazy - My middle name is Imani."

Me: "Eeeek!"

Me: "And I'm a Scorpio too!"

SZA: "Omg, when's your birthday?

Me: "November 17th."

SZA: "Awwww, 1+7=8 You're so cuteeeee." (SZA's Birthday is November 8th.)

Me: *Just stares & smiles at her*

SZA: "Aww come here, give me a hug!"

SZA & I: *Hug each other forever*

SZA: "Happy, super belated birthday love."

Me: "Thank youuuuuu, I love you!"

SZA: "Love you!"


Ok,  ok you're probably thinking the conversation wasn't that deep, but for one she clarified we were twins AND she spared me with a little numerology in reference to our zodiacs and birth dates. (She ain't have to do all that - OK! Lol)

Overall, I see so much of myself in SZA. Maybe it's her giddy, bubbly and carefree aura, because that's certainly an area where we both resemble one another. 

During her show, in between songs she said something that was very cliche, but the fact that she said it made it all the more magical: "Do whatever the fuck makes you Happy!" She mentioned how it was something she doesn't often tell herself, but she feels as though she should say a lot more & I agree. 

But here's when she put it all into perspective . . .

After her show, we all started to make our way to the Meet & Greet area. You know, we're all thinking we're going to see her within the next 20 minutes. NAH - Solana takes about an hour & a half to finally get to us. At one point I got word that she was signing the posters for us downstairs and then boom. 

Here comes wifey - hopping, skipping, giddy & cheesing ear to ear while scarfing down a whole ass Peperoni Pizza. At this moment, I couldn't be mad at her. Wifey was hungry & it appeared as though she smoked a blunt - But she was just living her best life. Last show stop on the Tour, had a few drinks and celebrated with her team. She deserved it all. Let me remind you, that she was also sick while performing with both her bottle of water and hot tea.

While there were plenty in line who left and felt that she was being inconsiderate of her fans time, I was perfectly ok with it. Aside from the fact that I'm kinda, almost, sorta, basically obsessed with her, the way she greeted us with her carefree spirit is what really made me feel like she's someone I can look up to. She's someone I can admire no matter her faults - Cause shit, we all have them. 

SZA, you probably won't ever stumble across my blog and read this exact post, but I also thought that I would never meet you & look at the Universe.


So I just wanna say THANK YOU. 

Thank you for being such an inspiration for me and always making me feel like I'm never truly alone. Through your music I've learned valuable lessons. From being the side chick, getting over fuck boys, questioning my sexuality, & just wondering if I'm ever even enough - You get me. 

And there's no other artist out there who can be as honest & open about such vulnerable moments and experiences in their lives, and for that I have nothing but love for you Brown Betty.♡

You energy, your vibes, and your smile is unmatched & will never be duplicated.

One of One.


You killed shit at Toads Place (New Haven, Connecticut).