March 2018 Goals.

♡ For a Lady Manifesting her Dreams. ♡


Yep . . . After this weekend I have a lot of self-reflection and intervention that needs to be done. This Friday, I've openly expressed my thoughts on quitting YouTube and Blogging - Two things in which I am greatly passionate about. 

After having amazing motivational talks with women I admire to receiving immense amount of support and words of encouragement from all you ladies, it's been been truly refreshing. and because of it, I am glad to say - She's here to stay.♡

Apart of reflecting and self-evaluating is also knowing where you're headed and what you want to see manifest for yourself. Keeping this notion in mind, I bring to you - My March 2018 Goals.

1. Less Work + More Focus. 

Believe me when I say I am a busy girl. But nothing outshines productivity better than focus does. I've learned that it takes about one hour and a half for the average person to diligently work on a task and complete a good chunk of it. (But only with focus!)

What will I do?

I will begin scheduling one hour and a half - two hour blocks of time dedicated to that task I need to get done each day. By doing this, I imagine that it will help me keep my mind centered and not drifting off into the other 101 things that need to get done. 


2. Morning & Nightly Daily Reading.

Reading was actually number two for my 2018 goals. But, as many of us might admit, we've all gotten "too busy" . . . and because of it, this goal has definitely gotten lost in translation. Reading has become very therapeutic for me, which is why I've now added it to my self-care routine. Don't judge ya girl . . . but yes - I am still reading the same book I've started November of last year. Oh well! At least I've cracked it open (P.s, I'm almost done :) 

What will I do?

I will incorporate a full 30 minutes to an hour of time specifically for reading within both my Morning and Night time routines. This is the perfect way for me to wake my mind up in the morning to start my day, and the most soothing way to unwind and fall asleep a lot faster at night. After all, I could use some more shut-eye!


3. Career + Intern Searching. 

Yes, yes. As you all know - Ya girl is graduating this May! I promise you I cannot wait to bounce! But, before I get there I want to make sure I am well versed on what's out there and begin applying for jobs and internships to help me create the career I've dreamed of. 

What will I do?

I will begin searching for different types of Social Media jobs and internships through places like Indeed, Glassdoor, etc. etc. . .

If you're a college student, then you are well aware of the tons of years of "Experience" that most jobs want you to have before they even give your application a chance. So I mean. looking at internships even after I've graduated is not the worst thing in the world, I see it as a way to actually help you. 'Gotta crawl before you walk!' Whether, the internship is paid or unpaid, the experience is what matters most. This is the same experience that will allow employers to give your resume a shot to landing a dream you've dreamed of having. Or hey, if you want to be self-employed, make sure you're well versed and experienced in the field/industry you want to become an entrepreneur in. Always know your shit. 

4. Save a little more each day. 


Oh geez. Saving money is one of the biggest problems I have right now. One thing I do know is that I'm trying to up and move from my parents house sooner than later. BUT - I want to make sure I do it the right way. The financially stable way. 

Aside from my credit card bill that always needs to be paid, my savings account could use a little more love and attention. While only having one source of income from my part-time job where I'm not making much, it sometimes gets difficult. 

What will I do?

At the end of every week, I will reward my savings with $5 Bucks. It may seem like such a small amount be we all know know fast dollars add up. So instead of ordering take out every week or buying lunch for work on the weekends, how about I put a few of those funds towards a dream of mine: Moving out all on my own!

Welp, it's crunch time baby! A lot of things to focus on, but it's all for the better. One day at a time. Cheers to the start of a new month coming up this week!

Love, your Blogger Sister.♡