Little Big Reminders.


As I was planning out my Blogs for the week, I'm so happy I thought to publish this post today specifically. It was a battle getting out of bed this morning, but writing this post really made today a better day. It's so amazing how the Universe works.

So here are a few little big reminders that I tell myself everyday:

1. "Trust the process, it's all apart of the plan." ♡

Choosing to wake up everyday this month at 4:00am is by no accident. 

Traveling & receiving invitations to events in New York City every weekend this month was by no accident. Nothing that has happened to me was done by accident. Everything is already in the works to serve me a greater purpose - even if I have no idea of what that purpose will be. Most times, you just have trust that things happen for a certain reason in a certain season. You gotta trust that this is where you need to be. 

(What a perfect segue to my next reminder.😊)

2. "I am exactly where I need to be." ♡


Not literally. But, if you choose to look at it this way that works too! By far this is my favorite reminder because it reminds me of two things:

  1. Bloom where you are planted and make your current situation work in your favor.

  2. Take a moment and express gratitude for your current state of mind & health, and appreciate how far you've come and the accomplishments you've made.

I am reminded of these two things because not every moment am I enthused or happy with where I am in my life. Prior to writing this piece, I felt a huge wave of self-doubt and negativity push up on me, but I knew by letting it consume me would only slow down my process. Granted, we need these moments of confusion and lack of motivation for rediscovery and enlightenment . . . But if you're like me and you're easily stuck in a rut for days longer than expected - we can't afford this time off from pursuing our purpose. 

Learning to become more aware of thoughts has allowed me to truly transform my life into a rather optimistic and pliable one. 

Alluding to my final Little Big Reminder:

3. "I am only as great as my last thought." ♡


This reminder is rather recent. 

As Program Assistant for a non-profit that works to educate, empower and uplift young Black teenage girls in high school, one of my favorite affirmations that I ended the group with was in fact, this one. I deeply express to my girls the importance of recognizing the emotions we feel and how they connect to what we think in our minds. 

Literally, if you think or make up your mind to be happy - you will be. Both your energy and actions will follow suit.  For example, you'll notice that your breaths are a lot longer and steady. You will also notice that the tension you feel in your neck, shoulders and even your jaw will slightly decrease. 


This is one reminder I'll never lose sight of because it's something that I can be mindful of at all hours of the day. Better yet, I have full control. A life that which I have full control over, is a life I will always choose over one where someone else dictates and assumes what is best for me. And the first step to taking taking back control, is by making your mind up to be whatever you want to be and being sure about it. No one else can steer the ship to your destiny, unless you allow them to. 

These are my Little Big Reminders.♡

I want to remind you too, that you are worthy and you are able to pursue your dreams no matter the amount of self-doubt clouding your mind right now. 

Pick your Favorite:

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Love, your Blogger Sister