Girl Boss In The Making.

S E L F M A D E . 👑


I N D E P E N D E N T.

H U M B L E  H U S T L E R. 

I have a dream. 

I have a vision. 

I have a desire. 

I will do anything and everything necessary to defend and protect it.

I didn't have this dream overnight and I most certainly didn't develop this passion on one random morning. 

If you've read a few of my older Blog Posts, you already know how I perceive success.

In order to be successful, you must work at it C O N S I S T E N T L Y - NOT occasionally. 

I've created this blog post for all the Girl Bosses in the Making. 

To the girls that wake up with a passion and a drive to create content. 

To the girls who don't sleep some days for the sake of their goals. 

To the girls who let their faith supersede their fear. 

This is for you. 


For the nights you've cried because you didn't think you were good enough. 

To the memorable moments when you've reached a milestone you never believed you see manifest. 

And to the girls who remain humble and let their work speak for itself. 

But more importantly, to the girls that uplift, encourage and support each other. 

You are gems.💎

You are all what the world needs more of. 

As 2018 quickly approaches, I want to share with you two important things: 

  • 2018 Goals

  • My process in becoming a Girl Boss.

Oh 2018 . . . Your name sounds so sweet and I can't wait to meet you.



  1. Always hold onto what makes me Happy + let go of what doesn't.

This go around, I am only giving my energy to what makes me live a little happier. 

  • YouTube.

  • Blogging.

  • Reading.

  • A glass of wine after a long ass day.

  • Sleep

Hold me accountable! (No, seriously). These things are what make my life a little easier to get through. These are what keep me motivated, focused and driven. 

        2. Making deeper connections with genuine people.

As 2017 comes to an end, I've realized that I've become more of an introvert . . . I guess that's what the hustle does to you huh?

I miss the feeling of calling up a good friend, meeting up and just indulging in each other's company and forgetting about the rest of the world. 

I need more of those moments. 

        3. Better organization + Time management.

After this year's academic performance, it's time to tidy up. It's time to be more disciplined. 

Here's a quick tip for all my College Girl Bosses: 

The better you are at managing and organizing your school work, the more time you have to produce your best content. 

Just trust me on this one. 


        4. Financial Security + Stability. 

No seriously, I'm 21 now. It's time to start saving for Big Girl tings . . .

  • First Apartment

  • Car Insurance

  • College Loans

  • & Other bills of the sort.

Some of us may be fortunate enough to have our parents in our lives to help us out financially, but I personally would love to just say one day, "No Dad, it's ok - I got it."

But, it's important to remember that with financial stability and security comes more hours at work. In this case, I really really hope that whatever job you hold for your means of income is one you enjoy and makes you happy. It'll make life feel a little lighter. 


        5. Network, Hustle + Grind. 

By any means necessary. 

After I graduate Undergrad . . . As of right now, I have no intentions of pursuing graduate school. I have a strong and unwavering passion for YouTube & Blogging. This is what I want to do full-time (Along side becoming a Published Author).

If you know anything about the world of YouTube or Blogging, their basis is rooted in consistency. You just gotta keep at them. You gotta stay fruitful and you gotta keep that fire burning. 

So, this leads me into my (continuous) journey of becoming a girl boss in the making. 

Wow, well . . . Where do I begin? 

I started unsure & uneasy. 

Impatient & doubtful. 

There were times when I knew that YouTube & Blogging was what I wanted to do, but I didn't think I had the talent. 

It wasn't until early 2017 that I unleashed my Superpower. 

It all started when I was noticed by a Natural Hair Brand - Camille Rose Naturals. 

I was super excited to be recognized by them, but in the same breath, I asked myself what else do I want to be known for? I'm more than my hair . . . But just what else is it? 

I knew I had a way with words. I knew I had a way with speaking a language that many of my Black Girls were able to understand. 

Through my writing, you can feel my pain. And you can feel my fullness. 

Upon this awakening, began my hustle.


I put my foot down and channeled my thoughts & actions to the very things that made me feel like I had a Superpower.

This is when I attended my first real networking event - Sip N' Slay Brunch NYC. 

. . . And two months after that, I landed my spot as a Beauty Writer for Yandy Smith's Company - Everything Girls Love. 

Fast forward, earlier this season, I met CEO Monique Rodriguez of my favorite Natural Hair Brand - Mielle Organics. 

I was then invited to my first New York Fashion Week two months later. 

. . . 

Here I am today and I've reached a goal of 1K + Subbies on my YouTube Channel. Along with becoming a YouTube Partner. 

Oh, one more thing!

I've created my first official Business Cards Evaaaaaaaa'!


Y'all, I'm so damn proud of myself. I'm so so ready for all the upcoming influencer and networking events. Im ready to do business and collaborate with both upcoming/Top Bloggers & YouTubers in the game. 

I have faith. 

I believe. 

I will. 

I am going to. 

It's already within me. 

I am Amani Rakeia. A Girl Boss in the Making.♡

Now . . . Who's ready for business? 

H A P P Y  B L O G M A S  2 0 1 7. 🎄

♡  ♡  ♡


Most sincere, 

Amani Rakeia.