Full Moon Reminders: Be Easy + Worry Less

For a lady playing tug-of-war with who she used to be.♡


On one of the most beautiful evenings in Brooklyn, I had the opportunity to interview UK Blogger, Freddie Harrel and snag the cutest hairstyle I've rocked to date. Over amazing red wine (now my favorite to date), we shared warm laughs and heart talks about self-awareness and embracing natural beauty.  

Followed by heart talks, I headed over to Heal Haus for Lauren Ash's Spiritual Downloads. Currently, I'm still trying to find the words to express my experience and the magical energy I was braced with (Don't fret, when they come to me you'll be sure to have a Blog about it). Lauren's Spiritual Downloads was centered around the word of Ease and how that shows up in your life. How do you create a life of ease? Within yourself, your relationships or even with manifestation. As we closed out our meditation session, we each shared a few words that resonated with us— but first, picture this . . .

Heal Haus, a Black owned yoga, wellness and meditation space, filled with Black women cooling out on our yoga mats. Pen and paper in had as we journal to settle into the night and get our thoughtful juices flowing. With the New Moon on the rise that evening, we later practiced breath-work—  Deep inhales, breathing in . . . Slow exhales, breathing out. 


The youngest girl in the room at 21, I'm on the edge of my meditation pad playing tug of war trying to let go of who I used to be and struggling to breathe life into the girl I am confident that I can be. Suddenly, I find a balance between calm and storm as I brace the overwhelming and loving spirit of so many Black women around me. In this moment I'm on the verge of tears, but maybe it's the coming of the New Moon and the tides within me don't know if they're ready to surface shore, or receded deeper into the ocean where no damage can be done. 

〰️"Ease creates a calmness within me, that no storm could weather." 〰️

In this moment I've found ease. In this moment I decided that releasing was a far greater risk than holding on and choosing life than allowing it to choose me. In this moment for once, I understand that not knowing is okay.  

Not knowing is what keeps us bound to new ideas. Not knowing causes us to shed the diviciveness and binaries of the world. 

—  No right. No wrong. No yes, or no. And no happy or sad. 

Just simply discovering and breathing life. On some path, on some road, while not knowing you aren't forced to choose, but you are forced to be— whatever or whoever you want. Because in the face of uncertainty, you create an abundance of options. 

As these revelations surfaced during and after our meditation session, the phrase I chose to close out with was as quoted, 

"Don't worry, it's already written."

As we move on our paths, try not to control or force each step, but rather plant your feet with ease. Ease creates a calmness within me, that no storm could weather. And with ease I am grounded— In my purpose and within my identity. Ease eliminates my worries and forces me to focus on the moment. 

"Don't worry, it's already written" is a mantra that I choose to remind myself of daily in order to instill confidence that everything is working out in my favor. No matter if I recognize it, or understand the reasoning for mishaps in life, my mantra ensures me that it is for the betterment of self. 

〰️ "In the face of uncertainty, I create an abundance of options." 〰️

"Don't worry, it's already written" is a mantra that I wish for you to take with you everywhere you go. But, more so when you find yourself filled with fears and doubts. And even more so when your anxiety or depression starts to surface. 

"Don't worry, it's already written" is a mantra that I want you to repeat under the Full Moon tonight so that you can create an energy of ease as I have. It is with hopes that this mantra will help you to continue manifesting what is destined for you, because indeed— it's already written. 

Happy Full Moon,

Be sure to have a conversation with self and the world around you about your wildest dreams and aspirations. 

Remember, with no worries we have no limits. 

Dream big.♡


Your Blogger Sister.