A Blog Series.

It's Friday, it's been a long week - So Let's Keep it Real.

But First - Tell Me How You Feel Sis. :)
It's our Friday Night Check-In!

Hey y'all, It's Friday & it's been an extremely long week for me. Maybe it's the new morning routine & waking up at 4:00am that's really catching up to me. Or maybe it's because I've been so kick-ass this week in Slaying my To-Do List everyday.

Thankfully, I've been able to create content for you babes ALL this week. I want to take just a moment to give myself a pat on the back for that, because that seldom happens in the Blogger world. But I pushed & persisted. Never gave up on my baby :) 

Ok, so what's today's topic? 

I really just want to reflect this Friday and talk about some of my takeaways this week. 

Be his Friend First. 

This was the number one Gem I've been really aware of before this work week got a jumpstart. Far too many times do we fall in love with the potential or the idea of someone so much that we create our own person in our minds and don't even get a chance to let him to be who he is. So, when god forbid he finally shows us who he is, we got the nerve to get upset as if this whole time this has been EXACTLY who he is from the start Time and time again does he tell you he's not ready for a relationship, but yet we stick around waiting for things will change. 

I can promise you now, the only thing that can be changed is your mindset and what you want out of life. Before I go on any further, many of us crave an individual but still only know very little about them. SLOW DOWN ma, & take your time REALLY getting to know him. Allow him to show you who he is and allow the friendship to foster naturally. Being friends first is such a key step that we all seem to overlook nowadays. Head out to brunch a few times, if he's a creative - SUPPORT HIM, poke fun & just live in the moment. Enjoy his presence. Do what feels right.

Celebrate the Little Big Things.


You drank 2-3 more cups of water than yesterday? Celebrate. 

You made time to Wash & Deep Condition your hair on a school night? Celebrate. 

You posted a new Blog? Celebrate.

You achieved the most bomb twist out? Celebrate.

You got an extra hour or two of sleep last night? Celebrate.

Again - SLOW DOWN. As Black Women we have a tendency to breeze over celebratory-worthy moments and just dive into the next task. There's something about this mindset that many of us have carry, which expresses "No Days Off" or trying to be in constant competition with someone and trying to "one-up" someone on their content. With all that in mind, we skip over the most important part of the journey. To Celebrate. 

Through our journey and turning our dreams our reality, it is our end goal that we reach this level of happiness that brings us pure peace and security. But honestly, if you're not making the conscious effort to: stop, breathe and enjoy the little things, we'll never see the fruits of our labor actually manifest into what we always dreamed of. Chill ma. 

Live Naked.


Bare faced, bed head, and forgot the floss this morning? You Gucci sissy.♡ This was me on Monday morning. It's these little moments that make me realize that I actually a damn human. Yes, at the end of the day I make sure that I am prim and polished, but where our truth lies is the moments before it all. 

When you wake up in the morning what is the first thing that crosses your mind? 

What blemishes are you trying to hide before throwing on that NC45? 

Or before you go to bed at night, what worries you the most? 

How many times a day do you tell yourself that you love yourself? 

Living Naked I learned this week means being your most vulnerable self and nonetheless, unapologetic. 

Living Naked on a deeper level means accepting what you can't change and letting go of what you've been so accustomed to, to covering it up. 

Living Naked literally means spending more time in your room alone, undressed and gazing at your skin tone in the mirror and cracking a smile as you run Shea Butter all over. Yeah you, glistening like a Honey Bun. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL QUEEN.♡

Living Naked means having fun with life and tailoring it so that it's just fit for you and nobody else. Because to live naked is where our truth lies. And when we discover our truths, then finally - Who we are and the Universe aligns. 

Here, we are unstoppable. Here, we are connected and in tune with our energy. Here, is where we vibrate higher. And here, is where we gain control. 


Cheers, to a new Blog Series curated with love & realness: #Friday'sForTheGirls.💕


Your Sissy.