Final Semester Slay.


Damn. January is already basically over & the time is flying by like we have no tomorrow. This week marks my second full week of my Final Semester in Undergrad - Eeek! Y'all I'm so proud of myself and how far I've come. Hear me out: 

I went from being denied to majority of the colleges I applied to, denied acceptance from my dream school (Temple University) to then applying again & actually getting accepted - but I didn't take the offer. Why?

For one, Temple is hella expensive! After weighing in on the financial piece, I told myself that at my current University (Southern Connecticut State University), I was going to bloom exactly where I was planted. I remember crying on the phone to my boyfriend at the time telling him how excited I was to get into my dream school, but I took that same energy and made it work for me. 

I made sure the following semester I started showing my campus who I was. I joined a great number of organizations, finally became an Orientation Ambassador, to then becoming a Resident Advisor and most recently The Black Student Union President. 

What makes my college experience so different from others is the perspective I've had. Many of my friends went off to school out of their home state and a few landed at HBCUs. Time after time I would hear, "I can't stay in Connecticut, it's nothing here, it's boring, etc." I even had people tell me, "Amani going to Southern? She's better than that."

Better than what exactly? To have made my mark on my campus and touch the hearts of other young women of color? To save myself $100,000 in student loans? What mattered most to me is that I knew I was going to create opportunities for myself to help lead me on my path to purpose. Still to this day, I don't know where this journey will take me, but I do know how to make this one count for the books. 

Plan + Organize


Yesterday's blog post highlighted how I've began putting forth the effort to start making time for my dreams and making them a reality. I've chosen a morning routine that leaves me ready to start my school day with nothing on my mind other than to learn because I was already able to get the "fun" stuff out of the way. Here's a few other tips for slaying in the classroom this year:

  • Immediately after class (if time permits), head to the library and re-read, highlight & annotate your class notes.

  • Keep a strict schedule on what time you eat lunch & dinner everyday.

  • Carve out three 20 minute sittings or 1 hour of leisure reading in a quiet space.

  • Go to bed at the same time every night. Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep time.

Each of these steps have become super helpful for me in excelling in the classroom. Already, I've created note cards and checked off a few assignments on my syllabus. These four months go by QUICK and we have no time to waste. 

Graduation Prep


Yikes, the most stressful to think about . . . Especially if you're in my position and you are still unsure of where you're going to land a job come May 2018. She here's a quick list of what I'm doing to prepare for that day.

  • Download Indeed App - Perfect for job searching! You can also select your location for openings.

  • Visit your career center and talk to someone about finding your ideal job.

  • Hang tight a few minutes after class and start a light conversation with your professor. Mention that you're a little worried about not finding a job after graduation.

  • Talk with your classmates - Start asking them if they've started applying to jobs and asking them what their interests are as well (Someone may have a plug that you have no idea about!)

  • Start asking for letters of recommendations - Or, at least put the buzz in your favorite professors/faculty ears that you will be applying for jobs any time now and you just may need a recommendation! The earlier, the better to give them time to plan out the best recommendation yet.



Yes, I know it's all coming at us so fast! I literally remember my freshman year. I had a heart so big and I was so determined to begin college as a new & improved version of myself. Hehe, I remember waking up super early to head to the gym, customizing my dorm room like it was my very first apartment, my first college party at a frat house (which, wasn't the best) and the long nights staying up until 2am talking with my roommate about our first day.♡ 

These are the moments I can't get back, but these are the moments that made this college life so real for me. These are the moments that I will never forget. Because now, in less than 4 months, I will be walking across the stage that shortly separates the bittersweet from the unknown. 

But first, let's enjoy the process while we're here!



⇣Comment below your University! If in the tri-state area maybe I can make it to y'all graduation festivities!⇣