Fail Forward.

For a Lady Who's ever felt discouraged after she failed.


After a long morning & a few mimosas at brunch in NYC . . . It definitely did the trick in leightening the mood. 

Today, I had an audition in NYC, but unfortunately I didn't make it through. All the while, I continued to feel super discouraged until a sweetheart told me that something bigger & better is going to be in store for me & to learn to fail forward. This moment I've experienced shouldn't break me down, but rather teach me that somethings in life just aren't meant for me so that better things can fall into place. 

Ironically, just after the audition there was a Blogger event happening literally right around the corner. Instead of crying and continuing to ask myself "Why" during my hour and a half commute back home, I said, "Amani there is so much more to life than this moment." If anything, I've learned from this audition that there are tons of girls out there grinding just as hard as you are, if not more. Meaning, that if someone says no to you, you have to be willing to push past that & continue to create opportunities for yourself until another door opens and you finally get that "Yes" you've been wanting to hear.


When my girl Sully said these words "Fail forward" to me, I was reminded of a few things: 

  • Even when it doesn't work out, that doesn't make it ok to give up on yourself.

  • Allow yourself to fail, be honest with yourself & get your shit right for the next time.

  • The faster you fail at something, the faster you can move forward to your next moment in life.

  • Whenever your moment comes again, you will be ready.

  • Be a little more aggressive & a bit more certain with what you want out of life & let nothing or no one get in the way of that — Keep fighting for what you feel you deserve.

If a door closed in front of you today, be willing to open up the next. Have faith, be a little more strategic & make sure you know what you want. 

Life is a gamble, but always be willing to bet on yourself, no matter the outcome. 

Love Always, 

Your Blogger Sister.♡