Embracing Vulnerability.

For a lady who decided to be completely + utterly herself.♡


My lips are as sweet as honey, but would you let me share my secrets? What about my past? Better yet, how about the way I day dream about you although I rarely cross your mind? 

As a Black woman, I've been conditioned to forever and always keep my guard up no matter who it is. I've been told over a hundred times that the word is cold and doesn't give a damn about me. Let us be reminded that Black women are rarely given the space or allowed to make room for celebrating ourselves, our wins and even or loses. 

 〰️ "Vulnerability has taught me that not everyone is deserving of my sweetness just because they want a taste." 〰️

It took until I've reached my breaking point and decided that one day was going to be my last. 

Why is it that we bottle all of our emotions inside and insist on being a sponge and absorb everyone else's shit, rather than be a vessel and only accept what we wish? We were not created to hold the weight of the world, nor let the word squeeze out all of our goodness. If there are still pieces of you that have not yet been found, I wonder what will it take for you to free yourself to the unknown? 

Vulnerability is more than shedding a few tears. It is about allowing yourself to undress completely and not being afraid of what you see in the mirror. No matter how deep or how dark your scars may appear to be, you are the only person who gets to deal with them. 


Vulnerability taught me how to be the sweetness amongst the bitter. Vulnerability has taught me that not everyone is deserving of my sweetness just because they want a taste. Vulnerability has taught me patience—  because the pieces of me that I am slowly unraveling are unfamiliar and even more uncomfortable confronting. 

〰️ "Being vulnerable is about taking a risk and betting on yourself." 〰️

Little did I know that the same pieces I found uncomfortable, led me to a world of ease. When I found ease, I was able to find comfort in my confidence. My confidence then led me to have faith in myself and my creativity. The moment I was able to tell myself, "Don't worry, it's already written", I knew I've been practicing vulnerability far longer than the world thought I was. Being vulnerable is about taking a risk and betting on yourself. Being vulnerable is about having the confidence to speak sweet words to yourself even when you don't feel like being kind to yourself. 

Through all the pain, trauma, heartbreaks and broken promises, vulnerability shows you why you are still worthy of love. 

Why you're still worthy of joy.

Why you're still worthy of being whoever you want to be. 

Because you were willing to find her. ♡

Here's how you can start practicing vulnerability:

  • Stop running from what broke you.

  • Stop hiding from what you cannot see.

  • Stop throwing salt on your name.

  • Stop letting past relationships/friendships define you.

  • Stop being anything & anyone other than you.


Your Blogger Sister.