Dear 2 0 1 8 ,

Dear 2018, 


This is my official letter to you. 

For the next 365 days, I want to focus on letting go and packing lighter. Slight minimalism is in the air and it feels great. I seek less emotional and physical baggage. I am ready to forgive and let go.

Because for all the days I spend with tension in my heart, I lose 24 hours of blissful happiness. The contentment of sleeping sound at night and waking up with light breaths and expressing full gratitude.

To 2018, this is the year of pursuing my passions and pushing past the doubt. 


I want to wake up at 4am every morning while the world is sound asleep, with my eyes filled with sparkles and my heart pounding ... and pounding, racing against the hour as I create, 

and create ... 

and create ... 

and create.

Until the world awakes. 

When the lusty dawn hours are behind us - Here, I want to go about my day expressing again nothing but full gratitude for being granted the time and space to pursue my passions and turn them into my reality. 

I know the constant feeling of a beating heart that is overloaded with beautiful ideas and sweetly crafted contnt planned out, but you just don't know what to do with it. 

So instead, you just sit there ...

And overthink -





Over again. 


But 2018, I wish to act upon these thoughts and get moving on the fastest path to my success. 

This sweet savory success - It tastes so good every time I check a task off my daily To-Do List or when I write up a poem, or even read just a few more pages than I did yesterday. Or how about even starting a new day a little less tired than the last. 

Because success is not just about receiving an award, but rewarding your mind, body and spirit each day with something new and granting yourself with a piece of wholeness. 

So by the end of each day, you can say you've lived. 


Dear 2018, I want to live. 

And by 2019, I want to make sure at 12:00am I can say I am ready to die because I have lived everyday this year in my truth and have walked in my purpose. 

Dear, 2018. 

This letter is a written letter to all the ladies with sparkles filled in their eyes and hearts overflowing with passion and confidence that this year will be your year to live completely, beautifully and fearlessly. 

And by this time, next year at 12:00am like myself, you will be ready to die because you have lived each day in your truth with no limits. 

I wrote this letter to you because I too want this year to be the year that I focus on my dreams. 

I wrote this letter to you, to hold you accountable because you are not alone through this journey of finding your passions and living by them. 

I wrote this letter to you, because I am here with you. 

Happy 2018.

Cheers to the year of living a life more in tune with our spirits and our passions.