Clear Skin, and a Happy Life.

Clear Skin all 2018.


If you know me, then you are well aware of how much I enjoy all things Skin Care. Also, if you are subscribed to my YouTube Channel , you'll notice that I have multiple Skin Care Routines posted. Sometimes it takes awhile to find what products work best for you and for others they may find them right away. 

I hate to say it, but I love experimenting with different products on my skin ... Granted, there are times where it doesn't turn out too well, but how will you ever know unless you take that risk? The face may be too much of a risk to bet on, but I'm all for it. 

This skin care routine here is comprised of my staples. Let's think of them as the basics before adding anything fancy to the mix! These have be tested, tried & true for ya girl. I hope this helps you :) 

Step One: Cleanse 

Checks and Balances x Origins 

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I have combination skin (Oily T-Zone with some dry patches around my face). Hence the name of the cleanser, it works wonders in aiding to both those areas on my skin without over-drying my dry areas or sucking up too much moisture from my oily spots. 

With this cleanser containing potassium, it is sure to leave my skin feeling supple with a nice little glow to finish the job. 

Step Two: Exfoliate 

Never a Dull Moment x Origins 

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During the winter months especially, it is super important to exfoliate to help rid dull and dead skin cells that pile up on the surface of our skin through daily interactions. Exfoliating is a major key to really unleashing our fresh faced glow. 

I love this exfoliator as it contains tons of natural fruit extracts (mango being my favorite), along with naturally infused fresh apricot and mango seeds to gently exfoliate the skin, leaving it smoother than a baby's ass. It is also gentle enough for everyday use and no worries of it drying out my skin. 

Step Three: Tone

Aloe Vera Gel (Whole Leaf) x Lily of the Desert

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Some of you may or may not know that a toner not only helps even out your skin tone, but it also brings your back to it's natural pH level. You'd be surprised, but every product we use has it's own pH level. It's important to make sure that after cleansing, we are neutralizing our skin as best as we can to refrain from breakouts or any other poor skin ailments. 

  • A simple way to test your products pH level is to simply look it up online! Any product with a pH level closest to "7" is the most natural level. Anything below 7: (0-6) is far too acidic for your skin. Anything above 7: (8-14) is far too basic or "alkaline".

I suffer from redness and irritation on my cheek areas and aloe works wonders with sooting and calming both the inflammation and irritation. Aloe is also pretty moisturizing,  so if you're looking for that pinch more of moisture, you'll find it here naturally :) 

To Apply: Pour some on a cotton round and dab all over your face. Allow the aloe to sit on the skin for about 1-3 minutes before applying your moisturizer. 

*Leave the Aloe in the refrigreator after each use for a nice cooling touch to the skin in the morning.

Step Four: Moisturize

Jojoba Oil x Desert Essence 

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Every Melanin Queen I know is always looking for that natural glow (although we already hold so much Black Girl Magic, why not add more?)

Well, look no further because this simple and lightweight oil is here to keep the glow for another day. For awhile, I would moisturize with Shea butter, but I later realized that the Shea butter was causing my dark spots and redness to sit longer on my skin - they would almost never clear up. Because of Shea butter being so thick and heavy, it easily clogged my pores and didn't allow my skin to breathe the way it should. 

Once I switched over to Jojoba Oil, I QUICKLY noticed a drastic change in the acne prone areas as they suddenly disappeared. Jojoba oil is also the ONLY oil that is closest to our skin's natural sebum (oil). This is a perfect oil for those with both dry and oily skin types as our skin will not feel the need to overproduce more oil because of the lack thereof. For dry skin, because the oil is so lightweight it easily and deeply penetrates into the skin, making sure to keep it supple and hydrated all day. 

When it comes to skin care, less is always more. 

Step Five: Facial Mask(s)

Pomegranate & Honey Hydrating Face Mask x Mielle Organics

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For a Natural Hair Company to venture off into Skin Care, one product that I will say works for me, is this charcoal mask. To be honest, I was super nervous to give this mask another go as the rest of the products in the skin care line broke me out and gave me a severe allergic reaction. But, this Mask definitely came through. 

I use this mask 1x week , but it is gentle enough for daily use . I allow the mask to sit on my skin for about 10-15 minutes while I am in the shower to allow the steam to open up my pores and let the mask deeply cleanse my pores. Once rinsing off with a warm rag, I notice my skin feels supple, and certainly has a nice glow to it. 

As for the DIY Masks that I've created . . .

These are tried and true and I honestly highly recommend these masks over any other store brought mask there is out there. 

Below I've inserted the video links that go into full detail about what ingredients I've used, how to apply and how often to use them. I LOVE them both equally! Plus, you learn so much more about what you skin likes by choosing to make your own. I hope you enjoy them! 

DIY Bentonite Clay Mask x AmaniRakeia

DIY Activated Charcoal Mask x AmaniRakeia

The Journey to clear & beautiful skin starts by loving all of your flaws and imperfections just the way they are. Start by wearing your fresh face everyday and loving the natural you regardless of how social media makes you feel about how your skin should look. 

I hope this post helps inspire you to try out some new products and even start to learn how to create your own products from scratch the natural way!

Love + Light.