Why I Added CBD Oil To My Self-Care Ritual

and why I don’t plan on stopping.

What is CBD Oil?

Also known as Cannabidiol, CBD comes from the natural anti-inflammatory chemicals that are found in Hemp plants. To clear the air, CBD cannot get you ‘high’ as marijuanna would, although THC and Cannabidiol both come from the same source. The difference is that CBD oil is removed of the psychoactive effects THC carries; CBD oil only contains about less than 0.3 percent of THC.

Think of the the feel good, without the high. Plus, CBD oil is legal in all 50 states. You can easily find the oil at one of your local smokers shops (you know, the place where they sell hookah pens, bongs, etc.)

Mood Boosting + Awakening

One of my favorite effects of CBD Oil is putting my mood swings in check. Venus Retrograde has continue to put my emotions through the highs and lows. I love that Tonic Vibes has an array of oils you can choose from no matter what kind of day you’re having. Whenever my emotions get the best of me and throws me off my game, I quickly resort to Tonic Vibe’s “O.G” CBD Oil. The ashwagandha properties do a really good job and clearing my negative energy and shift my mood to a more rational and balanced one.


Ok, maybe top one greatest effect of Tonic Vibe’s CBD Oil. I wear many hats as an Editorial Assistant at BuzzFeed, Editor at the Sad Girls Club and still working on my own blog and platform. There is lot’s of writing that’s involved in my day-to-day so it’s important for me to be able to shift my focus to whatever task is at hand. Alongside the mood boosting effects, refocusing comes shortly after. Tonic Vibe’s “O.G” really channels my tunnel vision and I’m plying away at my to-do list for the day. No matter what time of day, it’s sure to give me the kick I need.

However, try not to take this if you plan on going to bed shortly after. If you do, try taking Tonic Vibe’s “Chill” to help mellow you out for a good night’s rest.

Menstrual Cramping

My menstrual cramps are nearly excruciating and have left me in the emergency room. I’m talking severe body sweats, going in and out of consciousness, and throwing up all over— you’d think I was the one preggers. Tonic Vibes carries a few topical oils (Chronic and Warrior.) I’ve been on the hunt for a more natural alternative instead of popping Advil every few hours and Tonic Vibes has been such a savior. These roll ons seem tiny, but their strength and power nonetheless mighty. I love that the oils are non-greasy and seep right into your skin.

My favorite time to use the topical oil is after just before a yoga session and after taking a nice warm shower. To maximize the benefits, I sometimes curl up in bed and place a heating pad over the area I’m experiencing tension/cramping.

Ovulation Pain

What I can say so far, is that since taking the CBD Oil about a month ago, I’ve noticed a decrease in pain tolerance during ovulation. There is no evidence out that CBD is a cure for ovulation pain, but overall I have noticed a slight ease in lower abdominal pain, which is such a relief (because apparently period cramps just aren’t enough.)

Better Sleep Hygiene

You know, I’m a newbie to CBD Oil and “Mary Jane” just ins’t my thing so I was a bit skeptical on how this sensation would make me feel. On my first night of trying Tonic Vibe’s “Chill” oil, shortly after, I felt an instant soothing and calming all throughout my body.

Girl tip—

Almost every night, I follow up with some sensual self-care and have a little play time with my new fave Vibe by Maude. For a few months, masturbation has been the perfect remedy for me to get deeper, better and cozier sleep.

I say this to add that CBD Oil has been another great alternative for better sleep hygiene. On the nights my anxiety is a bit higher than normal or I’m too energized to fall asleep, I’ll be sure to set the mood and light my favorite Alexander Winbush candle and then take just 1/2 - full dropper of Tonic Vibe’s “Chill” CBD oil.

Rockabye Baby.

Tonic Vibes is my absolute favorite CBD Oil brand. Try them out and get 10% your purchase using my code at checkout: VibeWithAmani

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