Books N' Branding.

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Based off the title, you're probably wondering how does both Books and building your brand intertwine? 

To begin, reading is essential in everything we do no matter how you look at it. So through this piece I really want to focus on how reading has helped bring out the best in both myself and my brand. 

For one, reading wakes my brain up and helps me get a jump start to my day and keep the creative juices going with my content and creation of my brand. 

What are some good reads you have in your morning routine? 

Personally, I love a book that has a goal of sharing the experience of a struggle or success. As someone trying to build a brand, there are only two ways I can learn what works and what doesn't work: 

  • Trial + Error. 
  • The experiences of others.

Here's one book that I 100% recommend for a morning read to help you get your ideas, thoughts and plans together.

Black Privilege x Charlamagne Tha God

Ok. First, I'm not even finished but here's what I've learned already: 

  • Never mind your location. And never mind circumstance.

Coming from small state Connecticut, where even P. Diddy claims there's no talent here . . . I used to strongly believe that if I were to move to a larger city like New York or D.C. I'd become a lot more successful and at a much faster rate. (Then I had to realize how silly I sound).

I started to tell myself that even from small state Connecticut, I will reach those big New York dreams that I once had. I began telling myself that I have what it takes to manifest any of my wildest dreams if I believed that it was already within me.  

(P.s, I realized all of this just through reading the intro and about 5 pages into the book. Seriously, it's a MUST read! Especially to all my Girl Bosses). If I should say anything else at all, to those having difficulties manifesting their vision or dreams, this book is one to pick up.

. . .

And then we have books that indulge in all of the self. 

These are my favorite.♡ 

As a lover of poetry, one way I cope with most of my issues is by turning my situation into words. A language that speaks so softly to me. To give my situation a new life and shift it's energies to one more subtle. An energy I can vibrate with. An energy that I can understand. 

One book I recommend through your search of self development and mental growth: 

I love my Love x Reyna Biddy


This book is powerful. This piece is one you never stop reading because each time in your life you read it again, you discover something new about who you are. What you aspire to be. And what you want to let go of. 

Through unveiling so many of my truths within this book, I've been able to perfect the basis of my brand and understand the importance of transparency when representing all of who I am and what I embody. 

Thank you Reyna. I will be reading once more over this Winter break. 

Really there are so so so many books out in the world that I just can't touch upon and how they've moved my spirit and helped me understand some of life's most valuable lessons. 


But as always, I want to share some gems with you.💎

I've curated a list of my favorite reads over the years that have helped me discover not only myself but how I choose to portray and live through my brand. 

♡  ♡  ♡

  1. Milk and Honey x Rupi Kaur
  2. Revolutionary Suicide x Huey P. Newton
  3. Salt. x Nayyirah Waheed
  4. We're going to Need More Wine x Gabrielle Union
  5. If Beale Street Could Talk x James Baldwin
  6. All about Love x Bell Hooks
  7. A Brilliant Madness x Robert M. Drake
  8. The Hate U Give x Angie Thomas

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Calling all Bookworms, pretty nerds and ladies looking to incorporate more reading into their lives. 


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  1. Black Privelige x Charlamagne Tha God
  2. I love my Love x Reyna Biddy 
  3. We're going to Need More Wine x Gabrielle Union 

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