4AM: A Blogger's Morning Routine.


Gooooooooood Morning Blogger Babe! 😊 (Or evening, depending on when you're reading this. You get what I'm doing here).

Yeah, it's super early I know. Who in the bloody hell would want to wake up at 4:00 in the morning?

The Hustler's Do. 

The dreamer and the doers who strive and dedicate their efforts to making sure their passions are kept alive and well. At first you might ask why?

Last semester I struggled atrociously with time management and it's really what led me to fail my first class ever in college. Trying to balance classes, running an organization, working part-time and still maintaining my blog is nonetheless stressful and is what really increased my levels of depression and anxiety. 

But, I'm here this morning to share with my [aspiring] Blogger Babes and Girl Bosses how to never ever have to put your passions on hold. 

I've read a few articles and listened to a few motivational speakers who ironically always mentioned waking up at 3 or 4 in the morning. At the time, when I didn't realize the true potential I had with my Blogging, I rather quickly breezed over this suggestion. You actually still might be like the Blogger I was a year ago and breeze over my suggestion and think, "Girl, you tripping." 

But this is what separates us two: Passion and Drive. Eric Thomas always asks "How bad to you want it?" Take a moment to ask yourself that before you continue on. 


Do you find yourself CONSTANTLY breathing, living and thinking about Blogging? (I'll be referencing Blogging a lot through this piece because it works for me). Do you get goosebumps when it's time to release your content? If so, then maybe you've found your passion. I believe that the moment we find our passions in life there's only a short window of time to accept that this is it. And once you do that, I promise you this Morning Routine won't ever feel like a drag. 

Ok, so what does this Morning Routine really look like?

Before, I wake up the next morning, I make sure to plan out each hour leading up until 15-20 minutes before I have to leave home to "officially" start my day. Once the planning is done, it's all on you to make it happen. 

Here's my Layout (Depending on what's top priority for that day, but let's go with Blogging since in reality it's always my top priority). 

The Blogger Babe's Morning Routine.♡

  1. 4:00am - The Wake Up Call + Shower Time.

  2. 4:45am - Overlook Plans for the morning with a Glass of Water + Vitamins.

  3. 5:00am - Journal and or Reading session : "Wake up the Mind".

  4. 5:45am - "Blog Time": Drafting Blog Posts.

  5. 6:45am - Edit Photos, Captions, and Insta Stories + Breakfast :)

  6. 7:45am - Proofreading, finalizing Blog Posts & Brainstorming New Blogs.

  7. 8:45am - Finding a little more Inspo: Checking Social Media & Catching up with my favorite Bloggers.

  8. 9:45am - Checking Emails for Sponsorships and other Blogger Biz.

  9. 10:00am - Packing my bag & heading off to class.


No, this routine is not nearly as easy as it looks as it takes lost of discipline and creating a very strict schedule for yourself. In order for this Morning Routine to work for you, your planner has to be your 'Bible' and you must always maintain checking those tasks off your To-Do list. With discipline, I mean making sure that you're in bed by a certain hour, for me it's 10:30pm or 11:00pm depending on what time I get home from class that evening. This also means making sure to eat a nutritious and protein packed breakfast to give you the energy boost you need to keep that inspiration going when creating or brainstorming your next Blog. What I also mean by discipline is that if you are a college student like myself as well, making sure to plan and carve out hours at school if possible, to make sure those duties are tended too as well. 

There are also things I do the night before to make this transition pretty smooth for the next morning . . . like making sure to cook dinner to last for lunch & dinner the next day or packing my snacks for in between classes and when I have those sessions to get my school work done in the library. 

You will notice that every detail counts, but it all plays out for a bigger purpose here: Better Time Management & Pursuing your Purpose.

Lastly, it really all boils down to when you feel most inspired. For me, it's during the lusty hours of 4:00am when everyone else is sleep and there are no possible distractions other than when the sun rises and the birds make their late call for me to wake up. Maybe it's just me, but I really feel like there's something magical in the air during those hours and only the Dreamers and Doers get to experience it. And as Cliche as it sounds yes, early birds do in fact, get the worm. 


You can spend your hours sleeping, lolly-gagging on social media, or trying to be on every party scene. But there's just a difference here that I'm trying to highlight. Those that want it, will work for it and go get it, while others will wait and believe that it will eventually come to them. After all, Charlemagne did say, "Opportunities Comes to Those Who Create It." (P.s, this book really gave me the push to start this morning Routine.) Get your Copy Here!

I won't make this Post too long, because the only point I want to make here is that, there are 168 hours in a week. If you spend at least 6-5 hours everyday, or 5x a week you will make out to about 25 hours per week solely dedicated to your passion. Sounds a lot like that good ole' part-time job eh? Or, to make it full-time's worth challenge yourself to agree to this routine 7 days a week to make out with having put in 35-40 hours a week. And this is ALL before you start your day. One thing I can promise you with this routine is that you will never have to worry about the lack of content or 'time' to create, because really time is all you have. 

What matters most is how you utilize it. This is what makes the Dreamers and Doers so successful. Because they work for it and they live for it. With a passion comes the heart full of ambition. 


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Love & Light. 

Amani Rakeia.