On Better Days.

For a lady who understands that not all the bad is in everything.


On better days, we see the world with a change of heart and filled with so much light. We breathe in this new air and smile a little harder. 


For me, better days are a little tricky taking into account my depression and current state of healing. If you battle depression like I do, then you might understand that your mental health isn't always contingent upon external factors or your circumstances, but rather a twisted journey of discovering your truest self. This journey can include questioning why it's so hard to get out of bed on some mornings, or why you overflow with tears at the sight of yourself in the mirror. 

On better days, these questions never exit my mind, but in turn I've learned the practice of actively choosing when I will allow my thoughts to succumb me. Some days I'm really sad and others I'm mildly content — but on better days I am full. On better days I am filled with gratitude, thanking my mind and body for the agency to both be and become a woman of joy and abundance. 

On better days, I push myself to do yoga, journal and make time for my Blog. On better days I long for warm bubble baths and a healthy ass salmon cooked meal. On better days I realize that not everything is all bad all the bad is in everything. 

Through your season of healing, I ask that you create a life full of abundance on better days. Keep in mind that not all better days are in absence of depressive moods, low self-esteem or moments to release and cry. As better days become the revival and rejuvenation of our spirit to keep us afloat, we begin to unravel the beauty of self discovery and subconsciously practice humility.

As we unfold and discover who we are as Black women, it is important to note the good just as much as the bad. Again, because not all bad is in everything. And once you truly commit to the practice of actively choosing and inviting awareness to what you accept and wish to receive in your life, I pinky promise you will experience an abundance of better days.   


Here's a list of things to actively choose to engage in on your Better Days: 

  • 1 Minute of deep breathing in a quiet space

  • 15 Minutes of active reading (taking notes of passages/quotes that puzzle you)

  • 4 pages of journaling

  • Turning your phone on Do Not Disturb before bed

  • Listening to a podcast over your music playlist on your commute.

  • Light a few candles after work

  • Hold yourself and simply say, "Thank you."

Was today one of your Better Days? *

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Your Blogger Sister.