4 Ways I Learned To Be Cozy With Me.

Hey Cozy Girl.❤️


In a World where everyone is looking to be everyone and everything but themselves, I curated a list of four Gems that I incorporate in my life that have changed me for the Better.

  1. I Stopped Reaching Out To My Friends About My Problems.

M a j o r  K e y. 

All throughout my teens, anytime something came up in my life, I immediately picked up the phone and asked for advice. 

But not just advice from one friend . . . I mean almost everyone in my contacts. I had this belief that by getting the thoughts and opinions of others, it would help me make a better decision. When really in turn, it only made matters worse. 

After hearing advice from so many people, my judgement became clouded. So clouded that I couldn't even think for myself. This led to every decision I made, a decision of one influenced by everyone but me. When I realized this, I started questioning whether or not if I am living my life or is someone else? Rather so, am I living a life that others see best for me? 

As much as I cherish the judgement of my friends, I had to breakaway in order to start forming my own beliefs on situations. Because truthfully, there is nothing worse than someone who asks you for advice and they do the complete opposite of what you advised. Sometimes, you just feel like you've wasted your time. 

So to refrain from my friends feeling like their voices are useless to me, I began to go my own way and figure out some things myself. 

♡ G E M. ♡ 

Here's what I'm learning through this process . . . 

I am Able. 

Not only able to make my own influenced decisions, but I am able to show up for my own self. I am able to critically think. 

I am able to be free mentally. 

       2. I Began Pursuing My Dreams At Full Force. 

Meaning, I made my craft and Vision a priority of mine. Through pursuing my passions, I have found myself. I have learned to love myself. 

Through pursuing my passions, I've learned what self worth truly is. 

Self worth is synonymous with the same effort and consistency as to that of my craft. Granted, there will be days I don't want to edit a YouTube video . . . and there will be days that I don't want to show up for myself. Some days, I don't want to put in the effort to deal with all of me and keep my happiness afloat. 

But why did I choose to pursue my passions over anything else in life? Why not something like going to the gym or pampering yourself? 

Because, I knew that my passions were going to allow my heart to weigh a little lighter. I knew that blogging and YouTubing gave me this feeling of validation. 

Validating that I am a creative. That I am inspiring. And that I am an influence. 

The best thing I could have done for myself in this lifetime was follow my heart, no matter how uncertain I was of the destination. 

     3. I Healed On My Own Time & Stepped Away From The World.


In the eye of Social Media constantly knocking on our doors, expecting us to document every single moment of our lives . . . I began to feel drained.

I had this belief that if it wasn't posted, it didn't "really" happen. 

Oh, how childish. I know right?

So I remember around this time last year, I unplugged from my social media. Just to breathe a little better and to breathe in the air of my own. 

I decided to just forget about trying to stay updated or keep up with the people I follow, and instead - Keep up with my damn self. 

There were many issues I've been dealing with mentally that needed to be addressed. 

Like actually trying to recover from the past times I've had suicidal thoughts. 

I had to heal from a broken heart of a love from 5 years ago that I kept in my baggage and weighed me down for so long. 

I am still healing. 

But I am healing now under my own influence and at my own pace. 

I had to step away from the world and spend more time in my own solitude. 

I had to start making myself believe that the time I spent by myself, was not time I spent alone.

As demanding as Blogging and YouTubing is . . . Girl, I am more than happy to just turn everything off and just read, write or just sleep. 

Don't forget that healing from past scars requires more than mental work, but physical too. It is important to recognize your body's needs more than anything. It's your motor. It's what keeps you alive and keeps you going. 

     4. I Began Communicating + Manifesting My Vision and My Needs. 

I see . . . Myself forming a love so deep from within that no outside force can make me crumble. 

I see . . . A mind so strong-willed that I look to no one but myself to pull me through the tough times. 


I need . . . Emotional support at times. 

I need . . . Rest and Hydration. 

I need . . . More time with myself to discover the depths of my ugly truths. 

I need . . . More 30 second hugs. 

I need . . . More Laughter. 

And so I committed. 

I devoted all my time in the World to me. To me so that I can begin living my best life. 

And with that commitment comes hard work and consistency.

I think the hardest job in life is truly dealing with all of who you are at once. You can't one day say I want to work on loving myself, and the next few days you just drop it. 

It's all continuous. 

It's gruesome too. But, it's so rewarding to see my growth at this point in my life. To see how much one can improve over time is the best show I'll ever pay to see. But, only if she's willing to put in the work. 


To live your best life and to manifest your dreams is a Full-Time job. YOU are a full-time job. And before I can get comfortable with anyone other than myself, I need to make sure I am never giving part-time work to myself. 

As Women:

To my Blogger Babes.

Girl Bosses. 


Humble Hustlers

+ Survivors, 

We deserve all of life itself. But most importantly, we deserve to show up for ourselves 25/8.

I must be comfortable with me, before I can present my best self to this World. 

But, before I put an end to this Blog, you should know where I stand on my definition of Comfort. 

Comfort (n.) 

  1. To reach a level of tranquility within your vibrations. This means, allowing no outside forces to disturb your frequencies.

  2. To find Happiness in your current state. Through this level of Happiness, you seek inspiration, clarity, new adventures and most importantly - you take great risks.

So My Dear, 

Comfort doesn't always mean being stagnant. It encompasses a high level of rigor and hard work to be okay with all of who you are in a society trying to tell you to be otherwise. 

But hey, it's all on your perspective. I'm here to just bring mine to the table. 

What's your definition? Let's chat in the comment section below!

H A P P Y  B L O G M A S  2 0 1 7.🎄


Most Sincere, 

Amani Rakeia.