The Art of Letting Go.

For a lady who might be stuck on a mister.


Boy oh boy, 

Well really boys  — Let them all go. 

You ever notice a specific pattern of the people that enter your life? Either they all really suck at communicating, they don't value what's most important to you, or it's just something about them that just doesn't click for you? And then you start to ask, 'What am I doing wrong?' or 'Why is no one interesting (enough) walking into my life?'

Well, if you haven't, I'll be honest and say that I have. 

Lately, I've been questioning whether or not I'm what they're looking for or if they're interested in me based on their lack of communication and/or lack of attention. And let me also say that this constant overthinking & low energy has kept me bogged down. 

I had to take a step back for a moment & give myself the space to really process all of these thoughts. Why is it that I began to question my worth because of his inability to see all of what I am? Why is it that I put all of my time & energy into this individual knowing they're not putting in even half the same effort?

It's simple  — I really liked this person & I was interested. 

So there's the story, but here's the gag. 

The moment, I changed my thoughts & changed my attitude, I started walking towards freedom. I've been freed emotionally, mentally & spiritually. Some may not realize, but those constant negative thoughts, overthinking & questioning your worth can be very toxic to your spirit. Not only that, but I believe if you think & say something enough to yourself, you will start to become it. Whatever your speak into the Universe, it will reciprocate it's way back into your orbit (keep that in mind).


So  — I let go. 

But it wasn't as easy as you think. It took me a few texts & a few calls before I got the hint that instead of him not being interested, that he just doesn't have his priorities in order. 

I started letting go, by not taking any of his actions personal. The way he chose to treat me, had nothing to do with me  — but rather his own personal issues. I took this notion & asked, "how can I get my own priorities in order to be a better me for me?" "How can I live a life where the poor judgement of others won't come in & throw me off my game?" Better yet, "When will I accept these feelings I have & be at peace with them?" 

If I asked someone for advice on my situation, it's always the "Girl. Get over it" or "You're doing too much, just leave it be." I'm not sure if I've come across someone that's even asked me why do I feel the way I feel. It took a lot of my own digging & internalizing situations to understand that the reason it took me so long to quit overthinking my worth was because I didn't value my own true feelings & I kept holding onto my own premature assumptions. 

A huge, yet so simple aspect of self-love that we tend to overlook is our feelings. Unfortunately in our generation, feelings is a term that gets thrown around way too loosely. How many times have you heard, "I don't catch feelings" or "Get out your feelings & get in your bag"?

There's an issue I find with so many of us just trying to dismiss our feelings & it only cuts us deeper in the end. With the ability to easily brush off our emotions, we begin to lose touch with our true nature. And quite frankly, in order to truly let go, you have to be able to acknowledge what first held you up. You cannot truly let go of something by holding it off. 

Welcome it, embrace it and discover it. Being honest, open & truthful about your experiences & feelings is how you get to the root of who you are. And getting to the root of who you are is true freedom to me. This is the moment I knew I let go.  

Letting go meant that I had to ask myself the tough questions that no one else is willing to ask. Letting go meant that I had to accept and take accountability for my own feelings. Letting go meant that I had to be ok with maybe never hearing from that person again. But most of all, letting go meant that I was going to be able to allow my heart to beat a little lighter, allowing my mind to rest easier & also channel a lot of that energy & focus on myself and what I can do to level up. 

The art of letting go in the end is freakishly beautiful. But in order to see it's beauty, you have to be willing to put in the same amount of effort and time you put in towards the very thing that held you up. The work is gruesome and the work is tough. You won't recognize the beauty in the moment, but when you begin to take one step at a time towards mental, emotional & spiritual freedom, you'll thank yourself more than you ever did. You'll be able to speak kinder words to yourself. And most of all, you'll be able to better recognize signs & patterns of your emotions & build a stronger bond with your mental. 


Letting go is hard, but the world that awaits a step outside is oh-so freeing. 

Little things & ways to let go♡: 

  • Focus on your own self-care — Bubble baths, reading or a date for one to the movies.

  • Stand in the sun.

  • Journal your feelings.

  • Vent to friends you trust.

  • Unplug from social media.

  • Go to bed an extra hour earlier.

  • Drink water.

I'm rooting for you  — Always. 


Your Blogger Sister.