9 Poetry Books That Awakened My Love Within Me.

For the love that we work so hard for and search for within, somehow always falls short. Why is it that what we have innately is so easily disrupted by the tiny matters that live outside of us?

Love as I know it today is glorified only by the way we think we know love, rather than the true efforts we mold to shine our light. We’ve forced love to be less of what it serves and more of what better strokes our ego. What happened to the essence of love that encourages us to create harmony between the unknown and the vulnerable? Love is, as love does; but we fail in love with inadequate mirrors to reflect on.

“We treat love like a golden token that only the pure and most healed can attain.”

Today, we seek love only as a benefit for feel good sensations. We forget that love is an energy that cannot be broken, and somehow we continue to alter this energy for our own selfish desires. We treat love like a golden token that only the pure and most healed can attain. Let us never forget that even when we are covered in an abyss of nothingness and find ourselves at our lowest, there are still pieces of our hearts that open up for the sweetness of love to seep in and pour out.

For there is love everywhere— even in the darkest shadows. It is when we choose to unmask and unveil the complexities of this loveless enigma and simply stand in our truth of being, do we find the source.

These poetry books have helped me better grasp the concept of self-love and how to manifest an abundance of love within my heart and relationships with others. Some of these poems can only be understood when you dive in on your own solo time. Though, a few have left me beautifully scared messages that read:

“Love survives within me amidst this generation of disposable dispositions.”

1. Psalm for us x Reyna Biddy

The very first poetry book I’ve read where I’ve had an instant connection. Reyna highlights a subtle theme of sisterhood through her honesty and vulnerability.

Never be afraid to look yourself in the mirror,

with a broken heart and a bruised spirit..

to tell yourself,

“i need you.”

2. Heart Talk x Cleo Wade

My personal keepsake that I take with me almost everywhere I go, because Cleo gets that we all need a little saving grace at any moment in time.

“When we know our value and can express our value, we are able to teach others how to honor what we bring to the table.”

3. Flux x Orion Carloto

A refreshing read on heartbreak that reminded me I was never in this alone.

“you are spiritually broken—

you became the person who hurt you.”

4. Salt x Nayyirah Waheed

A never ending love letter for women of color on their journey wandering to love and wholeness as we know it. Certainly one I refer back to during transformative stages in life.

“our ache for africa.

is the heart behind our heart— the pain with no name.”

5. I love my love x Reyna Biddy

A true classic of Reyna’s. This book is more like a conversation between my younger self, who’s still longing for the love I only find in my imagination.

“it is better to heal alone than to fall under someone new.

you will only place yourself in a situation you are unready for.”

6. A Brilliant Madness x Robert M. Drake

A book full of poems that keep me overflowing with nostalgia. Each page I am yearning to find and mend the pieces of my heart that have shattered from love lost along the way. Nonetheless, Robert keeps love alive for me.

“some goodbyes start something in you,

the kind of thing you are not meant to explain, you just know—

you have to solve on your own.”

7. Her Vol. 1 x Pierre Jeanty

One of the first poetry books written by a man that made me say, “he gets us women.” All of his love letters are gentle reminders of the pain and ache we carry from men and love.

“she chases after her dreams as if she is running for her life.

don’t get in the way if you won’t help her reach them.

how many women like her, do you know live as if life is nothing if they don’t become something?”

8. Her Vol. 2 x Pierre Jeanty

Part two to the love I’ve always imagined of finding. Good thing, it’s all written here in case I may never find it in real life.

“do not become less of a woman to a man who is looking for a woman who thinks less of herself.

showing less can be seen as more, but showing them less of who you are,

never gets you more.”

9. Milk and Honey x Rupi Kaur

I picked up this book about 2 years ago in search of healing and some affirmations to help inspire me to get back on track— each poem has done more than I was expecting. This is by far my favorite read from Rupi. Forever cherishing this one.

“he was supposed to be

the first male love of your life

you still search for him, everywhere.”

comment below any book recommendations I should add to the list—

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