3 Things You Need to Know Today.


If no one else told you, let me be the one.

1. You're one day closer to your goal. 

By far the most important thing you need to know today because I know you've worked your ass of today. Go girl - I'm rooting for you. Lately, I've been practicing more compassion for myself . . . Meaning, I've been speaking to myself a lot kinder and being gentle with myself when I make mistakes. I've also been realizing that I'm not a robot and I can't get everything done in one day - But I can always plan for another productive day. Even if today you procrastinated your ass off, it's ok (I did too last week) but here I am today finally having the time to create another blog post. No matter where you are in life, what friendships are broken or what assignments didn't get done you are destined to continue to pursue and achieve your goals. Even when you feel like you're putting in hours of effort into your craft and you feel alone or you feel it goes unnoticed, someone like me is watching. Claim your goals - What's yours is already yours. 

2. If you're not ok today , you will be tomorrow.

I promise. Today you may have gotten bad news, but catch this - What matters today, will be in no comparison to the greatness you are destined for tomorrow. If today you cried your eyes out - tomorrow you will smile brighter than you ever did before. Not everyday will be peaches & cream, but I believe that you deserve the purest of happiness there is. But before you can get there, you have to be ok with not being ok today, so that you can live your best life tomorrow. 


3. Journal before you go to bed tonight. 

Today just may have been one of those long days, but make sure you let that shit go tomorrow. If you're feeling overwhelmed or feel anxiety coming on about all of the things you have to get done this week, let's air it out on the paper so that we can sleep peacefully tonight. After all, you've made it through the day & you deserve that much at least - A good night's rest. 

Here is a list of things on your chest that you can journal about tonight:

  • All of your to-do's for tomorrow.

  • What made you smile today.

  • What made you upset today.

  • A moment today where you felt confused.

  • A letter to the one who's hurt you.

  • Your goals.

  • Your dreams.

  • What you're grateful for today.

  • One thing to add to your self-care routine. (Do you have a self-care routine?)



I love you. 

Your Blogger Sister.♡