3 Things To Know Today.

For a lady taking ownership of her life.♡


Nothing wrong with a little Monday evening pick me up to keep you fueled for the week right? 

1. Everything you've asked for, you already have. Better yet, it's coming. 

You've probably been praying for your dream job or dream boo to come knocking at your door and shouting "Surprise!" But what if I told you that you already have it all and more? I need you to recognize that the moment you start living your life as if you already have the things you've been dreaming of, the more opportunities will begin falling into your lap. And so soon because you're too occupied with trying to live a life you love. When you live a life you love, you create an abundance of the things you desire. 

Start living with confidence and owning your dreams.

〰️ "When you live a life you love, you create an abundance of the things you desire."  〰️

Believe that you already have the skill and the perseverance to thrive in whatever it is you wish to achieve. And most of all, practice more gratitude. As we lead with grace, tons of opportunities will follow— the greatest you're welcome ever. 

2. Find your quiet. 

Months before and after my college graduation I've been needing sometime to find myself and get back in tune with my voice. All through college I've been so doubtful and unsure about the direction of my life once graduation came— now it's here, the summer of graduation. The best gift I could have ever rewarded myself with was taking a step back from friends and social groups so that I could really laser focus on what's in store for the next chapter in my life. 

〰️ "Solitude creates diamonds, forget the pressure." 〰️ 


In finding my quiet, I have been granted so many awesome opportunities and even met the same people I've had literal dreams about meeting. I've even been in spaces that I didn't think I was worthy or capable of being in. Finding my quiet has showed me why I never needed to raise my voice over the noise. I will be seen and I will be heard through my efforts in solitude. Solitude creates diamonds, forget the pressure. 

3. Release when you're ready. 

And I mean just that. 

For me, I have a bad habit of bottling things up and then exploding once the slightest and littlest thing irritates me. The point I'm making here is that not everyone deserves a reaction or response out of you. I had to understand that instead of bottling things up, it's important to create space for myself to process and analyze certain situations. Feel no pressure to always have an answer to someone. Make sure you have yourself together before you make any commitments or decisions. Start taking ownership of the things, people and situations you choose to bring into your world. Be mindful, take your time and release when you're ready. 

Self Up.♡


Your Blogger Sister.