3 Things to Know Today.

For a lady going through it, but knows just what to do.♡


1. When it’s time to go, GO.

Today, someone I really cared about had their last straw with our situation & decided that it’s best we do our own thing. Granted, after my last blog post “The Art of Letting Go.” I’d be willing to accept the reality & grab my strength and just move forward. 

How about not.  

But what I had to realize was that things may never be the same again so it’s better to just accept what is & live my life being the best person that I can be moving forward. Someone new, someone amazing will meet me on my journey when I’m ready and willing. Don’t they say, who you are is what you attract? Hm.. 

2. Take it Easy.

Whether you lost your job, broke off a friendship, a breakup, or just had an over all mentally exhaustive day — Take it easy. Just do the little things for now. Drink water, close your eyes in between breaths, read a little bit or journal. Sometimes the hardest things come from forgetting to do what’s most important & yet so simple — taking care of ourselves. Keep nourishing yourself the best way you know how. Breathe baby girl. 

3. But, get back in the game.  


You could be overthinking & stressing about how he never texted you back, why he decided to let you go . . . Literally everything except your priorities. So that test that’s coming up this week? Those assignments you’ve been holding off getting a start on? That email you never responded to, or that application you never filled out? GET IT DONE. The same way that no one can put in the work for you to help you heal, no one is literally going to do your work. Get back in the game babe! Make your to-do list pronto & just take it one task at a time. Day by day. (Drink water in the process)!

As always — 


Your Blogger Sister.