Venus Retrograde In Scorpio.

You’ve probably already been noticing major changes and shifts in your romantic life or relationship sector (and not for the better, tbh)— well.. surprise, it’s Venus.

Planet Venus has started its intense retrograde this month on October 5th. For the kick off, Venus enters retrograde in the zodiac sign Scorpio until October 31st, leaving no time for you to ask questions about the things that have already transpired and what is yet to come. For myself, prior to Venus Rx (during the shadow period), I noticed exes and old flames making a reappearance in my life, while shortly followed by a new flame deciding to cut romantic ties and push me to the friend zone. The push and pull between reminiscing on the past and trying to hold onto the “could haves” is a very prominent theme during this retrograde period.

Retrogrades should present a time for introspection, self-reflection and having the opportunity to redo or mend certain things in your life that you may have been too quick to push aside in the past. While Venus is the planet of love, feminine energy, relationships, sensuality and money; and the water sign Scorpio representing transformation, sex, emotional intensity and death, we can expect a lot of change, shedding and transformation to occur in our relationships with friends, family, lovers and more importantly— yourself. Our sexual energy will also be tested with the erotic energy of both venus and scorpio clashing together (but, now is not the time to throw it or catch it to anyone.)

When a planet is in retrograde, scientifically, the planet is moving in a slow backwards motion (almost like backtracking or re-tracing old steps.) With Venus being the planet of love and relationships, this might explain why an ex or past lover has somehow reappeared in your life. Their reappearance does not have to be physical, but maybe you’ve received a text from them or they’ve popped up in your dreams. And although they’ve paid a visit, it does not mean they deserve the keys to your place (or heart for that matter.) Take this period of introspection to ask these important questions:


  • What haven’t I already learned from this person or our relationship?

  • What are they trying to teach me today, that I couldn’t have learned without them in the past?

  • Is there something unfinished between us?

As Scorpio represents transformation and shedding old versions of themselves, this powerful retrograde period forces us to be upfront and refuse to hold back on voicing our needs and desires— leaving no room for the BS. If you find that your emotional and physical needs are not in alignment with your partner, you will be sure to point those out and letting it be known what you will and will not tolerate. Now is not the time to settle out of the discomfort of loneliness (or settle for anything period.) With a heightened emotional intensity and sensitivity, you may be tempted to give in and go with what the heart wants (which is ok), but be aware that it may be something you’ll regret once Venus goes direct (leaving the retrograde period).

The planet of love in retrograde is not all bad in hindsight. We are making room or being pushed to make room for the love that we desire to show up in our lives. But in order to get there, we have to remove any distractions or illusions that may be standing in the way of getting what we want. Now is the time where we forget about hiding in our shell during retrograde, but instead take our power back and redesign a life we love. Scorpio is all about “killing” old versions of themselves to making room for the new— a true transformation.

Easier said than done. While it's better to acknowledge the positives of transformations and changes, it is in Scorpio nature to feel the feels. This means really leaning into the pain that you might be experiencing from any endings that may have taken place, alongside having to accept that your needs and desires are not being fulfilled in the way that you’d like. At some point you might reach your breaking point and you have no idea who or where to turn to. And as cliche as it might sound, turning inwards to yourself may be your only saving grace. Be ready to cleanse, release and remove all things that no longer serve you in order to make room for the new that is bound to enter your life— because both the old and new cannot coexist.

Lastly, you might be feeling an influx of creative or sexual energy as the planet Mars squares Venus until October 15th. Any desires you have to start a new creative project or picking up past passion projects— do it. Be sure to tap into this energy at its best. This energy might feel super refreshing in the midst of all the introspection and transformative stages that you’re going through. Allow your creative energy to keep your mind busy in case you’ve recently experienced a break-up or you’re not on the best of terms with your partner at the moment.

As for the sexual energy, you may be craving a deeper level of intimacy and yearning for something more within your relationships. And with all of the disruptions or falling out of touch with your partner, be cautious with how you utilize this sexual energy. Maybe opt for some self-indulgence and masturbate alone, or choose to write— any creative desires that flow through you may be a safer route than giving in to that old flame or when things are a little rocky with your partner.

All in all, the energy in the air is both intense and delicate. Most days, you’re ready to grab your passion projects head on, while others you may just want to lay up and cuddle. This retrograde period is particularly special as it demands a greater focus on yourself now, more than ever. Getting to the root of understanding who you are beyond the surface level is high on this retrograde’s priority list. And as much as you are upfront with others about your needs, the Universe is asking you to put in the same work for yourself. The true transformative process begins here. For some, you are ready to let go of it all and walk into this new version of you, and others may insist on holding on out of fear of change. Whatever side you’re on, just know that you can only receive what you are willing to accept.

Who knows, you may find your soulmate in the end of all the crossfire. Be on the lookout for my part two of Venus Retrograde shifting into Libra next month.

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