Manifesting Abundance Through New Moon Rituals.

If you don’t know already, much of our emotions and feelings are impacted by the many phases and cycles of the moon. It took me a while to understand this concept, until I learned that the moon has a direct impact on the ocean. And to me, anything that can control or shift the waves of water without direct physical touch, is a powerful force by nature.

Connecting with and tapping into this divine energy is one of the most powerful ways that you can manifest an abundance or create a shift in your goals, dreams, desires— or really anything.

It’s not as simple as making a wish and hoping for the best on the stars, but through very sacred and intentional practice do you create the life you envision for yourself.

What is a New Moon?

It is the start of a new lunar cycle— a new beginning. A new moon is when the moon is in alignment with both the sun and the earth. However, we are not able to physically see the new moon because the side of the moon that is shadowing is facing the Earth. You’ll notice that a new moon happens usually happens once a month as it occurs every 29.5 days. For simpler matters, just remember a new moon as a new beginning— a chance to renew yourself or begin again new goals or projects you’ve been thinking about.

why create a ritual?

Some consider it a ritual, routine, spiritual practice and others simply consider it as a time to set their intentions. More or less, you can take this moment as serious or light-hearted as you’d like. The purpose of a new moon ritual is to help you visualize and create the most purposeful ways that’ll help you dive deeper into your intentions and goal setting. According to the lunar phase, the new moon is considered a time of release. Releasing emotions, coming to revelations about lessons you’ve learned from the past month and shedding whatever you feel no longer serves you. As mentioned, the new moon is a new beginning. Think of this time as preparation for everything you’ve been speaking into your life. Here is where you bring your visions to life. How are you spending this time? In what ways are you watering or sowing your seeds for growth?

Leaving you with these two very important questions (questions that you might seriously want to answer), I’ve created the prefect step by step guide to help you navigate your own personal New Moon ritual.

1. Clarify

The most important part of your ritual is setting the energy. It’s important that you make space to clear your mind and space of anything that might be clouding you or causing any anxiety or worry. As this ritual is helpful in manifesting an abundance of whatever you desire, it’s with hope that you do this with an open mind and easeful energy. Here are a few ways you can start your ritual with clarity:

  • Refreshing in a warm bath or shower

  • Lighting a candle

  • Burning sage, palo santo or incense

  • Dimming the lights

  • Placing crystals near or around you

  • Steeping your favorite tea

  • CBD Oil

  • Meditate

  • Moisturizing your body with an oil or body butter

  • Taking a few large deep breaths

  • Putting on a low, calming melody

  • Open a window for clean air flow

2. Set Intentions

Now that you are at ease, this is where the real magic begins.

Setting your intentions can be as simple or detailed as you’d like them to be. However, as the New Moon phase is for a time of release, it’s important to make sure you let everything on your mind flow out of you. I’ve listed a few examples and prompts to help you set your intentions. Of course, revise these prompts to fit your needs and what you are aspiring to manifest.

Examples + Prompts for intention setting:

“I will manifest my dream job as a writer, by building my portfolio through writing on my blog once per week and pitching article ideas to at least 3 publications per week.

“I am not all whole, but I am creating wholeness and fullness by embracing my solitude and pouring into myself through reading, yoga and resting.

“I have peace because I surround myself with friends who are supportive and loving of my creative projects.”

Your intentions can be written in any way you’d like them to be. For starters, “I am”, “I will” or “I have” are great ways to practice keeping your intentions personalized solely for you. Specificity is also very, very important in the visualization process. For example, if you are looking to get a raise in your new job or looking to manifest a certain salary, be sure to write down exact numbers and dates. You have nothing to lose under the new moon energy— only everything to gain.

3. Release

Now that you have written your intentions, it’s time to let all your magic flow through the Universe— it’s already written.

You can simply take a few deep breaths and close your journal or you can try one of these listed below:

  • Blow out your candles to release the energy and intentions in the room

  • Re-Sage your space or body

  • Open a window

  • Meditate

  • Yoga

  • Rest

May all your desires manifest; and with divine timing it will all unfold— you deserve it.

Happy New Moon.

Amani RichardsonComment